Crossing Borders visits EcoGrid 2.0

October 22, 2016

49 interested young people from such diverse nations as Jordan, Algeria, Iceland, South Korea, Japan, Ghana and Denmark amongst others, were gathered on Bornholm in Villa Smart to hear about EcoGrid 2.0, Bright Green Island and Bornholm’s vision of becoming green.

The interest was, not the least, focused on Bornholm’s Energy & Supply’s restructure towards becoming an almost 100 percent green production as of 2017. Bornholm plays a central role, when young people around the world are talking about green energy. There is a great emphasis on the Danish model, where Denmark leads the field, and Bornholm in particular, has caught the world’s attention.

Almudaffar, a newly graduated engineer from Jordan, expresses that he through his education has become aware of how significant a role Bornholm plays as a green pioneer.

Garba Diallo, the director of Crossing Borders, has organized the trip to Bornholm. He has travelled to Bornholm several times but never with so many people from so many nations. Garba Diallo is equally excited every time he visits the island, about the enthusiasm and commitment he meets here. Garba Diallo is also very impressed with the hospitality of Bornholm.

Crossing Borders is a non-profit civil social organization. They have a vision of a world in peace where diversity is celebrated. Their mission is to create space for dialogue and peace building. Their goal is to learn from each other and live together as equals, despite individual backgrounds.

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